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Do you think beforehand about motorcycle parts when travelling?

A while ago I went on a 2 week road trip with my motorcycle. When you’re doing a road trip with a motorcycle make sure to take a tent with you. I’ll tell you why in a bit. I had gone on a few road trips in the past without having any problems. What I would usually do is start from one city in the morning and decide on a place to sleep for the night. From there on I would randomly drive and explore places between those two places. I am not the type to camp out in a tent. I prefer to sleep in a bed. Of course the place to sleep is totally a matter of taste and this was my preference. But on this trip, my motorcycle started facing mechanical problems on the third day. And unfortunately I was in the middle of nowhere when this happened. I know a thing or two about how to repair a motorcycle myself. But the problem was there was nowhere I could buy motorcycle parts for miles and miles in each direction. I had never even thought about this problem before this experience.

This is why you need a tent when road-tripping!

As I said I was stranded in the middle of nowhere and my motorcycle wouldn’t move. And worse of all my cellphone didn’t have any reception either. I waited on the side of the road to see if anyone would pass who could help me out. But I wasn’t in luck that day. And to make things worse, all of a sudden it started pouring down with heavy rain. I got totally soaked and there was nowhere I could take shelter from the rain. If I had a car or a tent I could at least stay dry during this thunderstorm. But this was something I had never thought about before.

Finding motorcycle parts in the least likely of places

I thought about leaving my motorcycle and walking to the nearest town. But I didn’t want to just leave my motorcycle there. Anyways after about an hour of heavy rain as it was getting dark and I was totally losing hope I waved down a car that was passing by. The driver offered to drive me to the nearest town. The town was very small and didn’t seem to have any shops selling motorcycle parts. But luckily I found the motorcycle parts I needed in the least likely of places, a supermarket. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Happy with my luck I hitched another ride and went back to my motorcycle. Luckily my motorcycle was still there in one piece and I managed to fix it and get it running. I finally made it to the first town with a motel at around midnight and just crashed on the bed. But I keep thinking if I wasn’t lucky with both the driver and also the supermarket selling motorcycle parts, what would I have done without a tent under the rain in the middle of nowhere until the next day.

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Reasons to Ride your Bike in the Rain

I know how the rainy season makes most people keep their bikes in storage. Well, you don’t know the fun and learning experience you are letting pass you by. I used to ride my bike only in fair weather until I spent some hard-earned cash on a bike training course. Then in the D-day, it rained cats and dogs! Long story short, I had to show up and I am so grateful I did. It was so much fun and my riding skills turned around for the better.

Since then, I have gone for numerous rides in the rain. Both intentionally and on purpose. You don’t plan to get caught up in a downpour, it just happens. Having spent decades as a motorcycle trader and rider, I always encourage all the riders I deal with to embrace riding in the rain. Prepare yourself, get out there and ride. The anxiety and panic will slowly turn to confidence, even fun.

Let’s look at why you should ride in the rain anyway.

Improved bike handling skills

Wet surfaces equal slippery grounds so it’s riskier than riding on dry ground. Everything from the road to metal obstacles, and painted surfaces turn to road hazards. You’ll need to learn smoother control operations, increase your spacing, and keep your body upright as you smoothly throttle around corners. Your overall riding skills will be kicked a notch higher.

 Getting well equipped gear

You only know waterproof gear when you are in the rain. For you to enjoy riding in the rain, keeping your body dry and warm is of utmost importance. You’ll learn all about layering, motorcycle boots, waterproof gloves, and a riding suit that makes you comfortable in the rain for hours. You also get to discover there is a visor that boosts light in the rain.

Increase your riding confidence

If you manage to ride through a stormy downpour then you are sure you can deal with almost anything on the road. Your mental toughness is enhanced by being an all-weather riding pro. The stamina you gain as a biker gives you a champion’s feel. The street cred you get from riding in a downpour is like no other.


Nowadays, whenever I ride in the rain, I take time to enjoy the wet fresh air, the silence, and the scenery along the road that I have always ignored. As most people stay indoors while it rains, the solitude is an experience you can’t afford to miss. In fact, I keep wondering why I didn’t start it earlier.

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Das Beste Aus Der Welt Herausholen Auf Eine Völlig Neue Art

Lebensveränderungen können sich als ziemlich schwierig erweisen. Manchmal sind sie erstaunlich, aber schwierig. In anderen Fällen können diese Änderungen mitten in einer Tragödie auftreten. Dies sind die Zeiten, in denen es fast so aussieht, als ob das Leben selbst vorbei wäre. Aber im Laufe des Lebens passiert etwas. Das Gute und das Schlechte vermischen sich. Und meistens sehen die Menschen Möglichkeiten auch in der rauesten Zeit.

Betrachten Sie zum Beispiel den Fall eines alternden Witwers. Dies scheint den meisten Menschen das Ende der Welt zu sein. Es fasst Ängste in Bezug auf Sterblichkeit und Altern zusammen. Wir alle lieben die Idee, inmitten unserer goldenen Jahre zu sein und das Leben wirklich zu genießen. Wir sind uns aber auch einig, dass dies nicht der Fall sein könnte. Die meisten von uns reden ständig darüber, bis wir uns tatsächlich unseren späteren Jahren nähern.

Und es gibt einen besonders interessanten Punkt bei diesen Diskussionen. Wir denken selten wirklich darüber nach, dass wir in dieser Angelegenheit eine Wahl haben. Wir neigen dazu, das Leben in Bezug auf die Ereignisse selbst zu denken. Und wir definieren die Qualität unseres Lebens dadurch, welche Hände wir von Gesundheit, zufälligen Zufällen und wie alles mit den Menschen um uns herum verflochten sind.

Aber das Leben ist weitaus komplexer. Man könnte das Beispiel eines Glases betrachten, das je nach Perspektive halb voll oder halb leer ist. Und das Gleiche gilt für das Leben. Zwei Menschen können am Ende die gleichen harten Punkte im Leben haben. Man wird sich darin suhlen. Die anderen werden Möglichkeiten für Wachstum, Veränderung und Abenteuer finden.

Betrachten wir zum Beispiel den Fall der alternden Witwe, die wir zuvor angesprochen haben. Einige könnten sich in ihrer Situation suhlen. Aber ein anderer könnte einen Wohnmobil Kauf Wohnmobil kaufen und verkaufen bielefeld Stil in Betracht ziehen. Dieser Stil bringt den Bielefelder Touch dazu. Aber diese Berührung wird bald zu etwas Neuem und Aufregendem werden. Und das alles hat mit der Idee eines Reisemobils und dessen Repräsentation zu tun.

Der Mann in unserem Beispiel hat das Gefühl, dass er sein ganzes Leben in Bielefeld verbracht hat. Er liebt es, aber mit viel getanem Leben glaubt er, seine Wurzeln wirklich zu erheben und die Welt zu erforschen. Er könnte einige Studien anstellen, um zu überprüfen, wie robust ein Wohnmobil sein kann. Dies gibt ihm das nötige Vertrauen, um Gebiete zu erkunden, in denen die Wetterbedingungen besonders rau sein können.

Aber wenn das erledigt ist, kann er in die Welt hinausgehen. Vielleicht scheint die Sonne auf sein Gesicht, Musik aus den Lautsprechern und ein grinsender Hund, der glücklich aus dem Fenster schaut. Und was wirklich erstaunlich ist, ist, dass jeder diese Wahl treffen kann. Es ist nur eine Frage der Entscheidung, ob Sie die Kontrolle über Ihr Leben übernehmen möchten. Die Einzelheiten können und werden wahrscheinlich für alle unterschiedlich sein. Die einfache Tatsache ist jedoch, dass jeder auf der Straße Abenteuer finden kann. Es ist nur eine Frage der Wahl, dies zu tun.…

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Find The Right Nissan in Chicago

It may become mesmerizing, where you are at the grocery store picking up supplies for the impeccable pasta you are going to make in the evening and can’t stop selecting the wrong items or visiting the wrong aisle. You’re whole being has been consumed by a decision that many have made before you: Buying a vehicle, more specifically a Nissan.

It doesn’t always have to be new, fancy or even make you smile. Sometimes it just must do the job. That is what most ask from their vehicle. Dependability is everything but it isn’t quite everything that a person wants in a vehicle. Every vehicle purchase is different. People may make different decisions based on what part of the country they live in. Others may may a vehicle decision because of a make, like a Nissan. Whatever the reason for a decision, a person whose responsibility it is to pay and maintain the ride will want to get it right. Payment is the first thing to look at within a purchasing decision.

How To Pay

Driving is a bit different if one doesn’t have to worry about all of the many costs associated with a vehicle. Most people don’t have the luxury of being gifted with an automobile and have to focus on buying the right kind of ride. When one looks at payment, they have to look at serious budget concerns.

The cost of an automobile is more than the purchase price. One may see a used vehicle at the dealership up the road from where they live for 3,000 dollars and assume they can afford it. Start online by searching any  nissan tires chicago il. Used cars may not be in perfect condition so repair work is going to be inevitable—insurance costs are also something one wants to think about before buying a vehicle. How to pay for all of the options available may lead a person into buying used or even leasing a ride. Budget needs to be set before narrowing down the list of options.

Look Around

One must never forget that good options are bountiful within the realm of Nissan vehicles. It’s easy to think about getting in trouble with a good vehicle purchase. This is a reasonable concern while automobiles remain a large financial burden. The cost of a vehicle keeps on running up with the miles follow, yet one can still make the investment worth it. Address your needs first with a quality dealer in Illinois.

A luxury vehicle may be perfect but you typically only drive 50 miles a week and can’t justify taking out an auto loan to pay for such a thing. You are a person who needs a vehicle for city driving and aren’t keen on spending too much for the ride. A used car may be just what you need. Compare dealerships, prices and don’t be shy to negotiate and advocate what you want. The car buying process is about options, some good and some bad. Find your ride at the dealership today.

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Considerations When Buying a Used Freightliner Truck

Freightliner Trucks are an American manufacturing institution. In the 1930s, Consolidated Freightways started the Freightliner line to climb steep mountain grades in the western United States. The first Freightliner sold outside its parent company, is now in the Smithsonian. Through consolidations, downturns, takeovers and general market conditions, Freightliner Trucks is now owned by Daimler Trucks North America. Drivers who choose Freightliner, usually entrust themselves to the brand for their careers. Mainly because of the extensive dealer network and parts availability.

If you are searching for used freightliner trucks for sale, you must identify what your needs are before the search begins. Make certain you are buying enough truck, not too little. Saving dollars on the front-end can lose a driver money on the back-end. If a contractor saves money for less torque at purchase, you may miss out on a lucrative job because the rig requires hauling steep grades. Know the driver you are and the loads and distance you choose to contract. The engine on any commercial rig should be your first consideration. The Freightliner brand has a long-established reputation for reliability and toughness.

At 700,000 miles truckers think about rebuilds. If you are buying with an engine at the 700,000 level, some drivers rebuild right away, knowing they have a reliable rig. A well-maintained commercial engine will go to one million miles. It is vital to see the engine history and maintenance before any purchase is made. If a commercial operator or dealer cannot provide documented maintenance, move on.

When purchasing any vehicle, it is always a buyer beware transaction. Here are fundamental things to look for when buying a commercial rig.

  • Ask for copies of the maintenance records. How often were the fluids changed?
  • Who maintained the truck? This consideration is an unmistakable advantage of the Freightliner brand and their extensive dealer network.
  • Does the engine require rebuilding now or will she go another 250,000 or 500,00 miles? What major parts need to be replaced and what will need replacing soon?
  • Have fluid samples from the engine, transmission and rear-end been analyzed? How long ago?
  • Research the specific engine type and any record of problems. Talk to a Freightliner service tech.

Once you have settled on the rig itself, you must examine the dealer network and parts availability. The last thing you need is a rig problem, and the closest dealer is 500 miles away. Unless you trust the current owner explicitly, it is best to buy your truck from a reputable dealer with plenty of available mechanics. Some dealers have been with the Freightliner brand for decades. This type of dealer network realizes the importance of keeping their customers on the road and will go the extra mile to maintain that relationship.

There are several significant reasons for buying a specific brand and staying with that brand throughout your career. 1) Establish relationships and knowing where to go to get what’s required. 2) Dealers know you and your rig. 3) The size of the company or network is not indicative of the service or support you receive.

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Four Questions to Consider When Buying a Work Truck

Many jobs and businesses are vehicle dependent and can be quite demanding on a car or truck so it makes sense for a business owner to purchase a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles strictly for their work or business. In many cases buying a work truck is a better option than buying a car for several reasons including the type of work being done, the terrain in which the work is being done in, the storage capacity of the vehicle, as well as the climate in where the work takes place. In some areas such as St Cloud Minnesota there are many jobs that require work trucks for all the aforementioned reasons. If considering to buy work trucks St Cloud MN here are 4 questions to consider before purchasing.

How Will the Truck be Used?

There are many different types of trucks, from compact 2-door utility trucks to the biggest and baddest luxury monster truck. That being said it’s important to really understand what the work truck will be utilized for. By answering this question a purchaser of a work truck can save money on certain features and spend money if needed on other features. Once it’s understood exactly what the primary use of the truck will be do some research as far as which make and model of truck will work best for those needs.

How Much Annual Mileage Will the Truck Receive?

Once the primary use of the work truck is determined it’s important to estimate the amount of miles or kilometers per year that the truck will be used. This can help a purchaser decide on what size of engine to go with on their purchase. A smaller engine such as a 4 or 6 cylinder can help reduce fuel costs as well as the wear and tear on the engine. However, smaller engines won’t perform as well when it comes to towing, 4-wheel drive use, or in hilly areas where more horsepower may be required.

Is a 4×4 Truck a Necessity?

Most trucks come in either a rear-wheel drive option or a 4-wheel drive option. A truck with rear-wheel drive means only the rear wheels are spinning and the front two are steering. This type of drivetrain often requires less maintenance than a 4-wheel drive truck and doesn’t preform as well on rugged, muddy, or snowy terrain. If the truck will be used in hazardous areas a 4-wheel drive truck might be the best option.

Who’s Doing the Maintenance?

Work trucks are demanded upon on a daily basis and require a fair degree of maintenance. Parts and maintenance will surely be an issue if the work trucks are heavily used. If maintenance will be done in house then the cost of owning a higher maintenance truck such as a V8 or 4×4 will pretty much balance out. However, if having to rely on a third party to do maintenance the cost of owning a V8 or 4×4 can increase exponentially. Work trucks are often more affordable and have less features than their consumer counterparts. However, there are still many factors to consider to make sure the perfect truck meets the needs of the work involved.

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Key Factors to Consider when Visiting a Dealership

A dealership can either be the best place to buy a car or the worst place to buy a car. Part of it has to do with the particular dealer you choose to buy from, but a good portion also has to do with your approach. Walking onto a lot cold is never a good idea. If you want quality at a good price you have to do a little homework first. You should also remember a few fundamental steps as well.

Step 1 – Look at Ratings and Reviews

The first stop towards a good car purchase is an internet search. The web is the perfect place to narrow down available choices to about three reliable dealers. Do not be limited in your search parameters. Be sure to include as many details as you can. A search for a luxury car dealership queens ny. for instance not only pinpoints location but also specifies the type of car. What you are looking for are favorable reviews and high ratings. Good service produces positive feedback so stay away from dealerships swimming in complaints. Find ones that have a good following of satisfied customers.

Step 2 – Years of Service

A good indicator of reliability is a dealership’s years of service. The rule of thumb is that the longer a dealership has been in business the more reliable said dealership must be. Dealers with bad reputation tend go out of business at a fast rate. A dealership that has been around for a few decades stayed open that long for a reason. Odds are that reason is quality service and transparency.

Step 3 – Cover Finances in Advance

Before you ever set foot on a dealer lot you should budget. A budget places a cap on how much money you are willing to spend. Part of that budget is whatever financing you are going to use. If you will be getting a loan get one in advance. If you are trading in an old vehicle know how much it is worth before turning it in. Additionally, you should get quotes from other lots, research the actual value of the vehicle, and learn exactly how much the dealer paid for the car. Such figures give you negotiation power and grant you the upper hand when haggling over price.

Step 4 – Dot the ‘t’s

Lastly, you should always check and double check everything. Go over the vehicle with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything is okay. Be sure to take your auto out for a test drive so you can see how it handles and listen to the engine. Be wary of warning signs like a badly kept office or rampant up-selling. Check to see if they offer warranties. Also, take a look at their shop as a warranty will have you serviced by them. If you begin buying make sure you look over every part of the contract. Never sign a contract if there is something within it you do not understand.…