Do you think beforehand about motorcycle parts when travelling?

A while ago I went on a 2 week road trip with my motorcycle. When you’re doing a road trip with a motorcycle make sure to take a tent with you. I’ll tell you why in a bit. I had gone on a few road trips in the past without having any problems. What I would usually do is start from one city in the morning and decide on a place to sleep for the night. From there on I would randomly drive and explore places between those two places. I am not the type to camp out in a tent. I prefer to sleep in a bed. Of course the place to sleep is totally a matter of taste and this was my preference. But on this trip, my motorcycle started facing mechanical problems on the third day. And unfortunately I was in the middle of nowhere when this happened. I know a thing or two about how to repair a motorcycle myself. But the problem was there was nowhere I could buy motorcycle parts for miles and miles in each direction. I had never even thought about this problem before this experience.

This is why you need a tent when road-tripping!

As I said I was stranded in the middle of nowhere and my motorcycle wouldn’t move. And worse of all my cellphone didn’t have any reception either. I waited on the side of the road to see if anyone would pass who could help me out. But I wasn’t in luck that day. And to make things worse, all of a sudden it started pouring down with heavy rain. I got totally soaked and there was nowhere I could take shelter from the rain. If I had a car or a tent I could at least stay dry during this thunderstorm. But this was something I had never thought about before.

Finding motorcycle parts in the least likely of places

I thought about leaving my motorcycle and walking to the nearest town. But I didn’t want to just leave my motorcycle there. Anyways after about an hour of heavy rain as it was getting dark and I was totally losing hope I waved down a car that was passing by. The driver offered to drive me to the nearest town. The town was very small and didn’t seem to have any shops selling motorcycle parts. But luckily I found the motorcycle parts I needed in the least likely of places, a supermarket. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Happy with my luck I hitched another ride and went back to my motorcycle. Luckily my motorcycle was still there in one piece and I managed to fix it and get it running. I finally made it to the first town with a motel at around midnight and just crashed on the bed. But I keep thinking if I wasn’t lucky with both the driver and also the supermarket selling motorcycle parts, what would I have done without a tent under the rain in the middle of nowhere until the next day.