Reasons to Ride your Bike in the Rain

I know how the rainy season makes most people keep their bikes in storage. Well, you don’t know the fun and learning experience you are letting pass you by. I used to ride my bike only in fair weather until I spent some hard-earned cash on a bike training course. Then in the D-day, it rained cats and dogs! Long story short, I had to show up and I am so grateful I did. It was so much fun and my riding skills turned around for the better.

Since then, I have gone for numerous rides in the rain. Both intentionally and on purpose. You don’t plan to get caught up in a downpour, it just happens. Having spent decades as a motorcycle trader and rider, I always encourage all the riders I deal with to embrace riding in the rain. Prepare yourself, get out there and ride. The anxiety and panic will slowly turn to confidence, even fun.

Let’s look at why you should ride in the rain anyway.

Improved bike handling skills

Wet surfaces equal slippery grounds so it’s riskier than riding on dry ground. Everything from the road to metal obstacles, and painted surfaces turn to road hazards. You’ll need to learn smoother control operations, increase your spacing, and keep your body upright as you smoothly throttle around corners. Your overall riding skills will be kicked a notch higher.

 Getting well equipped gear

You only know waterproof gear when you are in the rain. For you to enjoy riding in the rain, keeping your body dry and warm is of utmost importance. You’ll learn all about layering, motorcycle boots, waterproof gloves, and a riding suit that makes you comfortable in the rain for hours. You also get to discover there is a visor that boosts light in the rain.

Increase your riding confidence

If you manage to ride through a stormy downpour then you are sure you can deal with almost anything on the road. Your mental toughness is enhanced by being an all-weather riding pro. The stamina you gain as a biker gives you a champion’s feel. The street cred you get from riding in a downpour is like no other.


Nowadays, whenever I ride in the rain, I take time to enjoy the wet fresh air, the silence, and the scenery along the road that I have always ignored. As most people stay indoors while it rains, the solitude is an experience you can’t afford to miss. In fact, I keep wondering why I didn’t start it earlier.