Semi Truck Trailer Dealers In Indiana

Trying to find a good semi trailer dealer in Indiana will be very difficult if you do not know what you are looking for. You could end up paying way to much for a semi trailer that doesn’t nearly meet the specifications that you have. Before you go online and search you need to know what exactly you want and what prices would be fair for you.

Finding Your Semi Trailer Dealer

Before you can choose your dealer you have to know what kind of dealership you are looking for. This is critical for finding your dealership. It is also critical to use to avoid being scammed. Are you looking to lease or buy a semi trailer? What size trailer do you need? What is your price range? What part of Indiana are you looking to buy from and what dealerships are near you? Now all these questions are based solely on personal interest and needs. So they are questions that would need to be asked and searched by yourself before you can continue into finding a semi trailer dealer indiana.

Different Semi Trailer Dealer Options

Now there are multiple ways to find your semi trailer dealer. There are websites such as that cross compare multiple dealerships with their prices worldwide. You can choose your location and what kind of semi trailer you would want.

This brings us to our different semi trailer options. There are many different types of semi trailers offered in Indiana.

  • Flatbed Trailer- These are the most common kind of semi trailers with a weight limit of forty-eight thousand pounds and lengths from Forty-eight feet to fifty-three feet.
  • Dry Vans- These are enclosed semi trailers. It has a weight limit of forty-two thousand pounds and lengths from forty-eight feet to fifty-three feet.
  • Refrigerated Trailer- These are dry vans that are insulated to transport fresh foods or anything that needs to stay cool during transportations.
  • Lowboy Trailers- These trailers are used to haul heavy duty equipment. These trailers weight limit ranges from forty thousand to eighty thousand.
  • Step Deck Trailers- These are the same as flatbed trailers with a simple difference of this ones maximum height is only ten feet.
  • Extendable Flatbed Trailers- These are flatbed trailers that can extend up to eighty feet long.

Now that you have the information available to you to find the exact dealer you want for your semi trailer in Indiana. Most dealerships in Indiana offer for you to simply buy a semi trailer but there are a few that offer to lease if buying one just isn’t an option you have available. You can also buy used semi trailers in Indiana or rent them for a certain amount of days, weeks or by month it needs be.